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Doctoral course

Contemporary Research in Information Systems, 7.5 credits

Course information

Research education subject

  • Informatics

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus


Course content

The course aims to provide the research student training and practice in analysing and assessing doctoral theses in terms of both form and content, based on the quality standards set forth by both the scientific community in general, and with the informatics area specifically.

The course includes:

  • Study of the current discussion concerning research quality in the scientific community in general, in the informatics area specifically, among the authorities regulating research, and among research funders, in Sweden and internationally.
  • Analysis of four current doctoral theses, with perspective to the criteria emerging from the previous item.

Intended course learning outcomes

To obtain a passing grade, the doctoral student shall demonstrate:

  1. Ability to compile and analyse requirements for doctoral thesis and apply them to one’s own work.
  2. Ability to identify needs for new knowledge in the chosen subject area in which the doctoral thesis is to be written.
  3. Ability to analyse and discuss the quality of doctoral theses in the informatics area generally, and specifically in the chosen specialisation.
  4. Ability to analyse and constructively criticise, orally and in writing, specific theses in terms of the quality criteria prevalent within the scientific community.
  5. Ability to assess doctoral theses in relation to relevant research issues, such as ethical implications, social relevance, accountability, and use of research results.
  6. Ability to assess the relevance, limitations and opportunities of various theories and methods in doctoral projects.