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Doctoral course

Mathematics for Statistical and Economic Analysis, 7.5 credits

Course information

Research education subject

  • Economics
  • Statistics

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Course period

September 2018 - October 2018


Course objectives

The research student should get knowledge about and understanding of mathematical tools used in statistics and economic analysis and applied research in graduate courses and theses work in statistics and economics. The course shall give the ability to formulate and most of all to solve mathematical models and problems based on issues in Statistics and Economics. Mathematical tools and models stem mainly from what is described in the main contents of the course. The approach of the course is mainly to face applications of mathematical tools whereas covered complex mathematical relationships are dealt with in an informal manner.

Main content of the course

1. Functions of one variable

2. Differentiation

3. Limits

4. Single-variable optimization

5. Matrix algebra

6. Functions of several variables

7. Partial derivatives, differentials

8. Multivariable optimization

9. Constrained optimization

10. Dynamic optimization