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Doctoral course

Quantitative Methods in Information Systems Research, 7.5 credits

Course information

Research education subject

  • Informatics

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus


Course content

The course deals with research problems, measured data, statistical methods, statistical description and analysis, from a social science perspective. The course covers how a research question is formulated and operationalised to a statistical survey design, and how it can be implemented in the form of a statistical survey. Upon completion of the course the research student will be able to use, and evaluate the use of, statistical methods in the social sciences. The course includes the use of tools for statistical analysis and presentation.

Intended course learning outcomes

To obtain a passing grade, the doctoral student shall demonstrate:

  1. sufficient in-depth and specific knowledge of the use of quantitative methods, to understand and take part in discussions on methodology, such as those implemented in the leading informatics journals.
  2. knowledge of quantitative research from a social science perspective.
  3. knowledge about how research problems, measured data and statistical methods affect the choice of statistical description and analysis.
  4. knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of statistical methods for problem solving.
  5. ability to conduct quantitative studies in informatics.
  6. ability to evaluate published qualitative research from a methodological perspective.
  7. ability to assess how different qualitative methods can be used within a doctoral