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Doctoral course

Research Design in Gender Studies, 7.5 credits

Course information

Research education subject

  • Gender Studies

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus


Course description

The course aims to provide knowledge about research design: how a study is developed, undertaken and presented in different traditions within gender studies. During the course the elements of research is discussed: the formulation of problem and research questions, state of the art, methods, the empirical investigation, the selection, delimitations and motivations of empirical material, the results and the contribution.

Research ethics and questions related to the philosophy of science are touched upon. The emphasis of the course rests with discussing and analyzing doctoral dissertations. Central questions in gender studies, such as the role and positioning of the researcher, the theoretical understanding of gender and how to operationalize gender are at the centre of the course.

Admission requirements

To gain access to the course and complete the examinations included in the course, the applicant must be admitted to a doctoral programme at Örebro University.