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Doctoral course

Ethics in AI and Robotics, 3 credits

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  • Computer Science

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus


Course content

This course discusses the ethical implications of developing and conducting research about AI and robotics systems. It will provide the students with a theoretical understanding of ethical questions related to AI and robotics as well as practical exercises and case studies to apply this knowledge and learn how to practically approach their thesis and future research and development work from an ethical point of view. Upon completion of the course, the students are expected to be able to autonomously reflect and act upon ethical considerations related to their research work.

Course information

The course is organized in an inverted classroom format. Pre-recorded lectures and other resources must be studied by the students on their own. A total of 3 mandatory meeting should be attended.

The course is offered in English and the number of students is limited to 20.


Selection between applicants who are admitted to doctoral studies and who otherwise meet the admission requirements is based on the following order of priority.

1. Doctoral students admitted to the university´s doctoral research school CoAIRob

2. Doctoral students admitted or associated to the International Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Academy (AIDA).

3. Other applicants admitted to a doctoral programme

How to register interest for the course

The course is planned to be offered next time in autumn 2024.

If any questions, contact the research administration: