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Doctoral studies in Chemistry

Within the subject area of chemistry, the structure and properties of elements and compounds are studied, as are their reactions with one another.

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Research and research studies in chemistry is a basic precondition for the operations within a number of industrial sectors and for the continued development within sectors focusing on the processing and manufacture of technical materials, food-stuffs, pharmaceuticals, fuels etc. Chemical basic research is also a necessary prerequisite for the development of new applications within chemical engineering and biotechnology. Growing sectors with a strong and increasing link to chemistry are for instance the forensics, environmental and energy fields. Chemical research is required for society’s development towards sustainability and towards optimal utilisation of raw materials, and it is a precondition for the minimisation of waste flows and the limitation of adverse effects on the living environment caused by the presence and activities of man.

Research studies are offered with the following specialisations:

  • analytical chemistry/environmental chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • inorganic chemistry /bio-geochemistry.

Within the subject, a research study programme is also offered with a specialisation in life science, in collaboration with the biology department, as well as a programme with an environmental science specialisation.