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Doctoral studies in Medical Science

Medical Science is a comprehensive research subject area in which different causes of health and disease, as well as man’s possibilities and needs to attain and maintain a high degree of wellbeing are studied. Studies in the subject include both basic and applied research, health economic and ethical aspects, as well as medical education. Clinical research constitutes a large part of the medical science.

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Faculty of Health, Medicine and Care


  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Medical Sciences

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The four different specialisations within the subject area Medical Science are:

  • Biomedicine, which includes the study of humans and their diseases, the approach being the role played by genes, molecules and cells for normal function and for disease.

  • Healthcare Sciences, has its focus on issues of health and ill health in persons suffering from acute and long-term illness and persons with disabilities. The subject has an individual, family and social perspective encompassing the areas of health promotion, prevention, care/nursing and rehabilitation.

  • Medicine, which includes the study of normal and disease-related processes in the human body, from the molecular to the system level. The subject also comprises the human body’s interplay with the surrounding environment as well as pharmacological principles.

  • Surgical Sciences, which include the study of physiological and pathophysiological processes, related to disease as well as measures related to surgical treatment.


Medical Science with specialisation in Biomedicine, Medicine and Surgical Sciences:
Director of studies: Julia König and Amanj Saber
PhD program coordinator: Ignacio Rangel
Research administration:

Medical Science with specialisation in Healthcare Science:
Director of studies: Elisabeth Ericsson 
Research administration