What happens after I have submitted my material

  1. Repro makes a general check of your files to see if anything needs revising/supplementing. If that is the case you will be notified within a couple of days.
  2. Repro puts together the concluding series list using the information in the template.
  3. When you have submitted any supplements/corrected files, repro compiles all files. If your thesis is a compilation thesis, the printers will also adjust the size and put together the different parts of the thesis and insert flyleaves and numbered tabs ("thumb index") to make the thesis more user-friendly.
  4. Repro produces the book cover and fits the abstract from the insert onto the back of the loose title sheet (spikbladet).
  5. If the thesis includes colour images the printers separates them from the pages that are printed in black and white. Therefore, it is important that you clearly indicate what pages should be printed in colour. We recommend that you use the form Order Information for this purpose.
  6. Within a couple of days you will receive a PDF proof of the entire thesis. If you want a copy of the proof on paper you need to ask for it specifically. NB! If you ask for a paper copy of the proof it may take you longer to receive it, which means that you will have less time to check on your thesis, see point 7.
  7. Now check that the thesis is OK, see the page How do I check the print files? Normally you have 3–5 working days to do this, provided that the thesis production is running according to schedule.
  8. If no changes are required, just approve the proof. Otherwise, please send the corrected files directly to the printers. You will receive a new proof for approval within a couple of days.
  9. The thesis is printed and bound.
  10. 120 copies of the thesis, including two so-called faculty examiner’s copies, and possible extra copies that you have ordered are sent to the research administrator at the school in question unless otherwise agreed. Contact your research administrator for information/discussion about how these examples should be divided and distributed.
  11. 30 copies are kept at the Printing Office (Repro) at Örebro University, who then distribute them according to a special dispatch list (utskickslista) and as review copies.
  12. The unit responsible for electronic publication effects the electronic notification of the defence – the electronic posting (elektronisk spikning) – based on the decision of the public defence of the thesis, as soon as that decision is available. The doctoral student is notified and receives the link to the title sheet by e-mail. More information on how this is done can be found on the University Library’s homepage.
  13. If a ceremonial posting of the thesis (spikning) will take place, this will be done no later than three semester weeks before the date of the defence.
  14. Public defence of the thesis.