What’s it like to live in Örebro?

Örebro castle

With 158 000 inhabitants, Örebro is considered a "lagom" big city, which is swedish for "just about right". Whether you're interested in shopping, arts and culture, or restaurants and nightclubs, the city offers a wide range of different activities, with beautiful nature always within close reach.

In Örebro, you will find a bustling town centre as well as scenic beauty, with only a short bike or bus ride in between. This means that an active student life, along with a high quality of life, is just around the corner.

Örebro is one of Sweden’s largest and oldest cities, full of culture and sports. The town’s main attraction is the more than 700 years old Örebro Castle. It’s in the centre of Örebro and surrounded by the River Svartån, which flows into Sweden’s fourth-largest lake, Lake Hjälmaren. Just north of Örebro is the low mountainous ridge, Kilsbergen, also called The Blue Mountains. Despite being somewhat towards the south of Sweden, the region has perfect winter conditions, and popular activities include cross-country skiing and skating on the lake.


Örebro has a vibrant town centre year-round, with popular cafes and shops and the quaint old town of Wadköping, just a short walk from the castle along the winding river and through the spectacular city park, Stadsparken.



If you´re into sports, you can watch the local sports teams at Behrn arena, or if you prefer to practice sports yourself, there are lots of alternatives. Örebro has 600 sport clubs and elite teams in many sports, such as hockey, floorball and volleyball.


Photograph Örebro hockey: Pavel Koubek/Icon Photography. Photograph (KIF): Hasse Persson

Sweden´s most central town

Did you know that Örebro is situated in the demographic centre of Sweden? 70% of Sweden’s population live within a radius of 300 km from Örebro, which means that Örebro is a unique student town where you’re never far from experiencing the big city pulse or an impromptu visit to Swedish beautiful and exciting outdoors. You can easily jump on a train or bus to Sweden’s largest cities – and Örebro airport is just 15 minutes away, with access to destinations worldwide.

Studenter på campus Almby

Getting here

It´s easy to get to Örebro, by train, bus and air.

Örebro slott

Welcome to Örebro

Örebro has the perfect mix of city life, stunning nature, history, art and events.