Man-Technology-Environment research centre (MTM)

EnForce – Innovative Environmental Research

The Environmental Forensic Laboratory, EnForce, is a research effort aiming towards a non-toxic environment.


Research promoting a non-toxic and sustainable world

Jointly funded by the Knowledge Foundation and twelve industrial partners, the EnForce Laboratory is a part of the research centre Man-Technology-Environment (MTM) at Örebro University. EnForce focuses on research to generate a better understanding of the chemical risk potential for humans and the environment of the complex spectrum of anthropogenic toxicants in the biosphere. We conduct applied research into chemicals in the environment and sustainable development, and we work in partnership with regional, national and international stakeholders in business and government, as well as at universities and research institutes.

88 million to trace polluters

Örebro University has received SEK 88 million to trace polluters. “Fantastic new opportunity for us,” says Professor Magnus Engwall.

The EnForce research team

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