Terms for Campus Accommodation (for Master's Students)

Before arrival

Note! If you drop out from your programme, please contact the Housing Office - This is an email address - as soon as possible.

If you intend to arrive:

  • Please provide your arrival date. (Please note that the Housing Office is closed on weekends and outside of office hours.)
  • If you arrive outside office hours or on a weekend you will need to organise overnight accommodation elsewhere.

On arrival

  • To be able to receive and sign the rental agreement you need to have paid the rent for the upcoming rental period in advance. Otherwise, you need to organise overnight stay elsewhere until paid.
  • Pick up the key for your accommodation and sign your rental agreement at the Housing Office, located in Prismahuset (only yellow brick building on campus). Walk in to the big entrance and go slightly to the left in to the corridor marked Housing Office, room P1106.
  • Important! You need to be here no later than on the day your semester starts to register on your programme (you have received information about semester dates from your programme coordinator). If you have made other arrangements, you need to let me know.
  • If you do not register in time you will lose your place to a waiting list applicant.
  • That also means you will lose access to the accommodation you applied for.

The accommodation

  • You will be allocated a room in a corridor in proximity to campus.
  • If you bring a partner or family we are unfortunately unable to assist you in finding accommodation, you will have to make the arrangements yourself.
  • The accommodation is simply furnished and suited for one person. There is a mattress on the bed.

Payment of rent

  • The rent for one rental period should be paid in advance no later than 15 August + a deposit for any non-approved cleaning after departure.
  • If you are a one-year student you pay two rental periods in total, if you are a two-year student you pay four rental periods in total. Rent for the upcoming rental period is to be paid in advance no later than 15 August and or 15 December respectively.
  • If you arrive earlier than the start of the semester, an invoice for the extra days in August will be sent out on a separate invoice.

Terminate contract/rental agreement

  • Should you wish to terminate your signed contract before the end of your tenancy, one months’ notice apply. Note, only calendar months apply.

Summer discount

  • The discount only applies to students staying between semesters. That means that if you are here for two years, you will get a discount on the rent in the summer between your first and second year.
  • The discount is two months’ free rent, divided as follow: half the rent in June, no rent in July, half the rent in August (note that in August rent increases and the amount will be higher than in June).

Extend lease

  • If you are a one-year student or at the end of your second year and want to extend your rental agreement during the summer period, you will need to pay a separate invoice in advance on 15 May at the latest. You can choose to extend until the end of June and pay half a month’s rent, or until the end of July and pay one and a half month’s rent.