Recruitment at Örebro University

Örebro University's recruitment processes are characterized by openness, transparency and merit-based assessment (OTM-R). OTM-R processes ensure that the best person for the job is recruited and guarantees equal opportunities for all candidates. 

Advertising and application

When applying for a job at Örebro University, application documents are uploaded to our web-based recruitment tool ReachMee.

Each job advert will specify which qualifications and criteria that applies for the position.

Evaluation and selection

A recruitment group and/or an Academic Appointment Committee assesses applications according to merits and skills. External experts are also assessing candidates for certain academic positions. Interviews and/or test lectures are conducted at this stage. 


When the employment decision is made, the onboarding process will start for the appointed person. 

All applicants for the position will be contacted by email with information about the right to appeal to the decision.

Information about the recruitment process

Information about the recruitment process and frequently asked questions are available to all candidates.

Information about the recruitment process at Örebro University