Information for applicants and external experts

If you are applying for a job at Örebro University, you will on this page find information to help you in the application process. If you have accepted an assignment as external expert, you will here find the necessary forms and important information to help you complete your assignment.

Trade union representatives

Helen Andersson
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+46 (0)19-303000 (switchboard)

Lena Johansson
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+46 19-17 76 81 

Martin Larsson
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+46 (0)19-303000 (switchboard)

The right person, with the right competence, in the right place at the right time is the goal of every recruitment. The goals and missions of Örebro University are in focus when recruiting for keeping the organisation competent.


At Örebro University, we use the web-based recruitment tool ReachMee, which means that applications will be processed electronically. When you apply for a job at Örebro University, you upload you application documents to this system.

Each job advert will specify which qualifications and criteria that apply for the post in question and which documents should be attached to the application. The specific regulations, eligibility and assessment criteria that apply for teaching and other academic appointments are evident from our Appointment Procedures and the guidelines provided by faculty boards.