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Åke Bergman

Title: Visiting Professor School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 302117

Room: B2308

Åke Bergman
Research subject Research environments

About Åke Bergman

Åke Bergman is guest professor at Örebro University since 2018 and operational at Man-Technology-Environment research centre (MTM). He is active as professor emeritus at Stockholm Universitet and Tongji University, Shanghai.


Åke Bergman has a research history that dates back to 1975. His research, ever since, is related to his mission to contribute with a science base for societal actions to improve environment and health situation regarding chemical pollution. His focus in this research relates to man-made chemicals (pollutants) impact on human health and reproductive insufficiency among wildlife, i.e. endocrine disruption. His research has focused on organic chemical pollutants, e.g. PCBs, DDTs, brominated flame retardants (BFRs), phthalates, per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) och chlorinated paraffins (CP). Åke Bergman has been particularly active to study how environmental pollutants are transformed in the environment and living organisms. His publication record is presented separately in this pdf. He has been the supervisor of 30 Ph.D. students in Environmental Chemistry. He is presently active in two EU funded research projects, ATHENA och HERA, and has recently finalised two projects he coordinated, EDC-MixRisk (EU) and EDC-2020 (The Research Council Formas).


As the first head of the Department of Environmental Chemistry, Åke Bergman, initiated and built courses in environmental chemistry at Stockholm University during the 1990s. He has participated as a teacher until 2020. He also initiated the Stockholm University and Umeå University collaboration on the first Master program in Sweden in environmental chemistry, the Swedish School of Environmental Chemistry (SSEC)) 2005-2010. After 2010 Stockholm University took over and ran the master program in Environmental Chemistry. Åke Bergman is still doing some teaching, primarily outside Sweden, EU and in China. He is presently leading a mapping effort for the five Nordic countries regarding competence provision in the area of chemical risk analysis.

Cooperation and Commissions

Åke Bergman has extensive cooperation both nationally and globally. On recent and important example is the collaboration with researchers at Tongji University, e.g. through the VR/Formas/Forte-program ”CHEMSTRRES”. This has generated numerous articles and also two books (2017 and 2019). Researchers at MTM are continuing the collaboration with Tongji University.

Åke Bergman has worked with Swedish governmental inquiries and commissions for the European Commission (EFSA) och for UNEP/WHO. He was the coordinator of the State of the science on Endocrine disruptors – 2012, a report also available in Chinese.


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