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Tuulia Hyötyläinen

Research domains

  • Science

Areas of research

  • Analytical Biogeochemistry
  • Biogeosphere dynamics
  • Biochemistry
  • Environment and Health
  • Molecular biochemistry
  • Applied Environmental Science and Technology

Research environments

Chemistry is the study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter, and how these undergo changes. The chemistry research at Örebro University is performed at MTM Research Centre and Centre for Life Science and concentrates on:

  • organic analytical chemistry with focus on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and advanced mass spectrometry
  • inorganic analytical chemistry with focus on elements using ICP-MS and MP-AES in combination with solution chemistry for the speciation of elements in environmental systems
  • molecular biochemistry with focus on biotechnology, enzymology, laser action spectroscopy and plant physiology,
  • human exposure for chemicals using exposure assessments and dose-response analysis
  • applied environmental chemistry including fate and distribution of POPs, water treatment, mining waste chemistry and reclamation as well as recovery of metals from waste products.
  • Metabolomics and exposome analysis using targeted and non-targeted approaches.

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