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Anders Wirén

Title: Affiliated Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303000

Room: -

Research subject

About Anders Wirén

Anders work as a bioinformatician in the group of Clinical epidemiology and biostatistics (KEB). This means that he is involved in many different research projects, temporarily or long term, where he help other researchers analyse data from large genetic studies. Anders also teach basic biostatistics.


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Articles in journals

Collins, D. H. , Wirén, A. , Labédan, M. , Smith, M. , Prince, D. C. , Mohorianu, I. , Dalmay, T. & Bourke, A. F. G. (2021). Gene expression during larval caste determination and differentiation in intermediately eusocial bumblebees, and a comparative analysis with advanced eusocial honeybees. Molecular Ecology, 30 (3), 718-735.
Qvick, A. , Wirén, A. , Rönnqvist, M. & Helenius, G. (2019). Circulating miRNA: a biomarker for classification of lung cancer and benign lung disease. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 14 (10), 311-311.