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Andrii Dmytryshyn

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303554

Room: T2121

Andrii Dmytryshyn
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About Andrii Dmytryshyn

Andrii research interests are in the fields of matrix analysis and computational mathematics. Before starting as an Associate Senior Lecturer at Örebro University, Andrii worked and studied in Umeå (Sweden), Bordeaux (France), Padua (Italy), and Kyiv (Ukraine).

Andrii received the SIAM Student Paper Prize 2015 (which is one of the major prizes awarded by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics). He was selected as one of the top 7 candidates for the Householder Prize XX (The Householder Prize is an award for the best dissertation in numerical linear algebra in a 3-year period). Andrii was also an LAA Early Career Speaker at ILAS 2017 and invited and plenary speaker at several other conferences.

Andrii teaches courses on numerical methods for differential equations, applied mathematics, mathematical control theory, matrix computations, and case studies in computational mathematics.

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