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Ann-Sofi Duberg

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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Ann-Sofi Duberg
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About Ann-Sofi Duberg

Ann-Sofi Duberg is docent in infectious diseases, senior lecturer at Örebro University and consultant at the Department of Infectious Diseases at Örebro University Hospital. From autumn 2018 until start of spring semester 2022, she was the coordinator of the Programme in Medicine at Örebro University, where she previously had the overall responsibility for the medical students’ clinical placements.


As physician at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Ann-Sofi Duberg’s specialty and research field have long been viral hepatitis.

She obtained her doctoral degree (2009) with a thesis on hepatitis C. She has since continued conducting studies within the field of chronic viral hepatitis, but also on primary liver cancer, also known as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which is caused by chronic hepatitis B and C.

Ann-Sofi Duberg is principal supervisor of Charlotte Lybeck (specialist physician at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Örebro University Hospital) who is working on a doctoral thesis about hepatitis C screening, cancer incidence in people with hepatitis C, and long-term follow-up of patients who have undergone treatment for hepatitis C. Ann-Sofi Duberg is also assistant supervisor of two doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet: Caroline Gahrton, who is writing a thesis about hepatitis C as a result of previous or current injecting drug use; and Habiba Kamal Khodir, who is studying liver complications and death in patients with chronic hepatitis B and D.  

Ann-Sofi Duberg is involved in a number of research projects relating to hepatitis B, hepatitis D and hepatitis C. A number of these are conducted in cooperation with researchers at Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital, and with colleagues at other hospitals, mainly Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. She is also involved in other national and international collaborative research projects, such as the Polaris network.


Ann-Sofi Duberg has been involved on the Programme in Medicine at Örebro University since its inception in 2011. She has been the programme coordinator until January 2022, in addition she teaches and lectures on hepatitis, on the Programme in Medicine, on courses for physicians doing their specialist training, as well as on other courses and at conferences for fellow physicians.

Collaboration and assignments

Ann-Sofi Duberg is a member of the national expert committees that prepare treatment recommendations for hepatitis B and C, and she is a member of the group that drew up the Swedish clinical practice guidelines for primary liver cancer.

Ann-Sofi Duberg is chair of the national working committee for hepatitis, tasked with preparing a national plan for eliminating hepatitis B and C by 2030, in accordance with WHO goals. Other expert assignments include working on a follow-up of a campaign for hepatitis C screening of individuals receiving blood prior to 1992, for the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, and conducting an overview of hepatitis C infectiousness for the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

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