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Aseel Alshamari

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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Aseel Alshamari
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Aseel Alshamari specialist physician, Clinical immunology and transfusion medicine, Laboratory medical clinic, University Hospital Örebro (USÖ). - Supervise and conduct immuno-haematological testing in blood donors and clinical patients (e.g. blood immuno-phenotyping, irregular antibodies, direct Coombs test, cold antibodies, auto- and allo-adsorbtions, transfusional compatibility, etc.). Supervise physician for flow cytometry cellular immunology. Participated in a study on monitoring B cell subpopulation and the difference in CD86 and BTLA (B and T lymphocyte attenuator) expression in different B cell subtypes. Published in BMC (BioMedCentral) immunology 2020. My PHD project is about the study of platlet function which prepared and stored with different protocols.

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