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Platelet function and coagulation in health and disease

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Sofia Ramström

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Our research is focused on the function and physiology of blood platelets and their interactions with the coagulation system and with other cells. A special interest is the role and function for the platelet subpopulations with different properties that forms upon platelet activation.

A main theme of our group is to develop and use new methods and protocols to study platelet function and coagulation in different clinical situations. As a balanced platelet and coagulation function is essential for prevention of both thrombosis and bleeding, our research is relevant in many different clinical settings, including laboratory medicine, transfusion medicine, haematological diseases, cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology. Our goal is to create a better understanding of the changes in platelet function and coagulation in different disease states, and to find more efficient ways to measure and prevent these changes. This way, we may help to prevent the risk of bleeding and thrombosis in future patients.

Research funding bodies

  • Lions Cancer Research Fund in Uppsala (Lions Cancerforskningsfond)
  • Region Örebro County