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Christina Karlsson

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303652

Room: P2444

Christina Karlsson

About Christina Karlsson


Christina's research focuses on identification and assessment of pain in persons suffering from dementia. Her research uses both qualitative and quantitative methods for data collection and data analysis. Research is conducted in collaboration with the Swedish Palliative Registry and, where her observational behavior scale the Abbey Pain Scale-SWE was nationally implemented 2020.    



Christina's teaching takes place in the area of scientific methods, projects- and implementation. Christina's teaching as well consists of supervision theses and projects in both undergraduated and advanced level. 


The Swedish Palliative Registry



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Articles in journals

Gebregzabher, E. , Seifu, D. , Tigneh, W. , Bokretsion, Y. , Bekele, A. , Abebe, M. , Lillsunde-Larsson, G. , Karlsson, C. & et al. (2021). Detection of High- and Low-Risk HPV DNA in Archived Breast Carcinoma Tissues from Ethiopian Women. International Journal of Breast Cancer, 2021.
Karlsson, C. , Bravell, M. E. , Ek, K. & Bergh, I. (2015). Home healthcare teams' assessments of pain in care recipients living with dementia: a Swedish exploratory study. International Journal of Older People Nursing, 10 (3), 190-200.
Karlsson, C. , Sidenvall, B. , Bergh, I. & Ernsth-Bravell, M. (2013). Certified nursing assistants' perception of pain in people with dementia: a hermeneutic enquiry in dementia care practice. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22 (13-14), 1880-1889.


Karlsson, C. (2015). Kvalitet i omsorg, service, omvårdnad och rehabilitering för äldre med omfattande behov i ordinärt och särskilt boende. Stockholm, Sweden: Standardiseringskommissionen i Sverige (SIS) (Svensk Standard SS 872500:2015).