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Nursing Science


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Mats Eriksson

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  • Medicine

At Örebro University, Nursing Science is the main subject in education programs for nurses at undergraduate and advanced level. Nursing science is also the main research subject at the Nursing Unit. At postgraduate level, the subject is called Medical Science with a specilisation in Healthcare Sciences.

Within Nursing Science, knowledge is developed about preventive measures to preserve and restore health and how the nurse can best alleviate suffering and contribute to a dignified death. The research focuses primarily on the individual care recipient's different needs, situation and context, as well as on relatives and the care. The next of kin as carer and their need for support and guidance, ethical positions, the pedagogy of care and the management of nursing work are dealt with in nursing science. The results of nursing research thereby contribute to developing and improving safe, evidence-based and sustainable healthcare. Within the science of nursing, nursing research is conducted whose purpose is knowledge building in and for practice and theory, as well as methods with the goal of developing care structures that promote health and well-being in all stages of life, as well as a safe and democratic care organization. The research has as its basis the human being who experiences and creates meaning from his experiences and his context.

The application of Nursing Science is nursing that is based on and includes both the scientific field of knowledge and the personal and patient-related work. Nursing is based on people's various needs and problems related to health and ill-health as well as to daily life, people's resources and ability to deal with problems. Family, relatives, surroundings and environment are included in nursing. The human view of nursing is humanistic and is based on a holistic view with ethical aspects where all people are treated equally regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-cultural affiliation, beliefs and functional level. Nursing's meta-concept of human, health and environment is reflected in the design of nursing and care organizations.

In order to practice nursing from a holistic view of the human being with an ethical approach, knowledge from the academic subject of nursing science as well as from other academic subjects is required, and an ability to integrate this knowledge into nursing actions.

Nursing actions span a wide field from high-tech interventions to support in existential crises. This means that people must receive good and safe care and nursing based on need and situation, and that there is knowledge and practical skills to carry out these nursing actions within a care relationship.


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