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David Nestor

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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David Nestor
Research subject

About David Nestor

David is a resident in Laboratory medicine, Clinical microbiology.   


David is performing research in medical Microbiology. His bachelor thesis evaluated the use of a molecular test in the diagnosis of meningitis/encephalitis. In his masters thesis he explored the presence of antibiotic resistance among bacteria causing urinary tract infection at Nkinga referral hospital, rural Tanzania. He also conducted an interview exploring the knowledge and attitude towards antibiotic resistance among laboratory staff and students. The bachelor thesis and parts of the master thesis is published as open access (Nestor 2018, Nestor 2019).

His doctoral project focuses on novel techniques to detect bacteria in the blood stream from patients with severe infections. By using so called sequencing, the identification of bacterial DNA in blood can drastically shorten the time to diagnosis and correct treatment. The big challenge is to adjust and optimize the methods to make them work for this purpose. The research is thus mainly on an experimental level but the methods will be clinically evaluated in samples collected from patients with suspected blood stream infections in the RISE (Rapid Identification of SEpsis) study.