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Ester Lebedinski

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Music, Theatre and Art


Phone: +46 19 303330

Room: M3103


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Articles in journals

Lebedinski, E. (2015). Romersk vokalmusik i England under 1600-talet. Tidig Musik, 35 (2), 28-32.
Lebedinski, E. & Laube, M. (2012). Report: Baroque Conference. Early music, 40 (3), 540-542.

Articles, book reviews

Lebedinski, E. (2015). Music review: From Venice to Naples. Early music, 43 (4), 703-705.

Articles, reviews/surveys

Lebedinski, E. (2015). Victor Brandt (1878–1940). Levande Musikarv.
Lebedinski, E. (2012). Report: The Düben Database Catalogue. Early Music Performer, 31, 25-27.

Chapters in books

Lebedinski, E. (2014). "The Magnificence of the Sublime": Carissimi's Music in Restoration England. In: Andrew Cheetham, Joseph Knowles, Jonathan Wainwright, Reappraising the Seicento: Composition, Dissemination, Assimilation (pp. 151-180). Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Lebedinski, E. (2014). Roman Vocal Music in England, 1660-1710: Court, Connoisseurs and the Culture of Collecting. (Doctoral dissertation). Royal Holloway, University of London.