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Music and Human Beings


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Sam de Boise

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  • Humanities-Social sciences

The Music and Human Beings research environment focuses on people?s relationship to music, both in everyday life and institutional contexts. We examine music as an individual, but also as a social and cultural phenomenon. The type of research done within the environment looks at people of all ages, whether professionals or amateurs, and is concerned with all forms of music and music performance, involving humans. Areas of specific interest in Music and

Human Beings include: music, experience and experiential practice; music and equality (focusing particularly on factors such as gender, class, nationality and ethnicity); music and media; music education and training; and musical creation. Characteristic of all our research is the relationship between music, people and society, and between music and the individual. We combine musicological theory with particular focus on philosophical, cultural-theoretical and didactic perspectives and researchers in the environment work closely in tight-knit collaboration with each other, both academically and organizationally.

Researchers working within Music and Human Beings are musicologists with a background in the fields of musicology, music education and sociology. The interdisciplinary nature of the environment means that we can collaborate with other researchers across a wide range of disciplines - for example media and communication studies, sociology, and (music) education. We also work extensively with international research partners.

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