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Aesthetics, Culture and Media (ACCLAIM)

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Sam de Boise

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The Aesthetics, Culture and Media (ACCLAIM) research group looks at how culture and societal norms and values affect people's music habits, personal experiences, musical learning and music education. Research conducted within the group explores issues of: music and equality (looking especially at gender, class, nationality and ethnicity); music, social media and digitization; and musical didactics and education. The group fosters critical analysis and critical discussion using interdisciplinary musicological theory, combined with a particular focus on philosophical, cultural-theoretical and didactic perspectives.

Recent publications:

Georgii-Hemming, E. , Johansson, K. & Moberg, N. (2020). Reflection in Higher Music Education: What, Why, Wherefore?. Music Education Research.

Lilliedahl, J. (2020). Specialised music classes in comprehensive education: a case study of the Swedish shift from social-democratic uniformity to neoliberal diversity. Journal of Educational Administration & History.

de Boise, S. (2019). Tackling gender inequalities in music: A comparative study of policy responses in the UK and Sweden. The International Journal of Cultural Policy, 25 (4), 486–499.

Broch Ålvik, J. M. (2019). Touching from A Distance: Imagining Marit Larsen in Queer Spaces. Radical Musicology, 7.

Lebedinski, E. (2020). The Travels of a Tune: Purcell’s "If love’s a sweet passion’" and the Cultural Translation of English Seventeenth-Century Music. Early music 48(1), 75–90.

Volgsten, U. (2019). A technology and its vicissitudes: playing the gramophone in Sweden 1903–1945. Popular Music, 38 (2), 219–236.

Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences