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Felicia Garcia

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Felicia Garcia
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About Felicia Garcia

Felicia Garcia works as an academic developer with a focus on gender mainstreaming and sustainable development in education at the Centre for Academic Development.

Her duties include operational support in terms of pedagogical competence regarding gender and gender equality perspectives and sustainable development in educationel content and implementation. In addition to contributions at teacher meetings and unit meetings, Felicia Garcia is responsible for the courses Högskolepedagogiska perspektiv and the English version, Perspectives on higher education.


Felicia previously worked as a lecturer in gender studies at Humus, Örebro University. The work also included teaching in other subjects to provide a gender perspective on medicine and health, political science and sociology. Felicia has a master's degree in social anthropology from Stockholm University and a master's degree in democracy development from Uppsala University. In 2014, she obtained her doctorate from the National University of Ireland Maynooth after a four-year field study that examined the overrepresentation of suicide among young Irish working class men. The study, Coping and Suicide Amongst the Lads: Expectations of masculinity in Post-traditional Ireland, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2016.

Felicia has a special interest in interdisciplinary perspectives on sex and gender and the pedagogical challenge of implementing these perspectives in a constructive way within the framework of pedagogical development.



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