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Research subject

Gender Studies


Subject information


Lena Gunnarsson

Research domains

  • Humanities-Social sciences

Areas of research

  • Civil society
  • Feminist violence studies
  • Intersectionality
  • Equality policy
  • Female organisations and Organisation of Women
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Love studies
  • Policy
  • Social movements
  • Trans
  • Violence

Research environments

Research in Gender Studies ask questions about power, distribution of resources and (in)equality from a gender perspective. Feminist theory is developed and used to investigate how gender structures, intertwined with structures based on class, sexuality, age and ethnicity, shape society and produce hierarchies and inequalities. Further, researchers in Gender Studies are interested in how gender structures are reproduced, modified or transformed.
Gender Studies is a relatively young discipline, but research based in feminist theory and/or with a gender perspective has a long history. As a discipline Gender Studies is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach. At Örebro University, Gender Studies is oriented toward the Social Sciences. Research on women’s conditions is still important in Gender Studies, but today, fields such as critical studies of men and masculinities, queer- and sexuality-studies are vivid parts of the discipline. Research in Gender Studies at Örebro University is conducted at the Centre for Feminist Social Science Studies (CFS) and Centre for Violence Studies (CVS). The research includes topics such as feminist theory, critical studies on men and masculinities, love, work, gender equality policy and sustainability.

Completed projects