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Idoia Beloqui Ezquer

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303078

Room: B3120

Idoia Beloqui Ezquer
Research subject Research environments

About Idoia Beloqui Ezquer

Idoia works within a research project aimed at establishing workflows to reliably quantify Chlorinated paraffins (CPs) in indoor matrices and investigate their indoor distribution and human exposure. The goal of this projec is to develop new analytical workflows using various high-resolution mass spectrometric (HRMS) techniques. Idoia is also working on a software with a user-friendly graphical user interface that will facilitate the use of different quantification methods as well as make these available to the general research community. Different indoor settings such as homes, preschools, sports halls, and offices have been selected, and dust, air, indoor organic films, hand wipes, and silicone wristbands are being sampled to provide a holistic view of indoor CPs. Idoia's research also investigates the effects of building age, cleaning routines as well as environmental certifications on the indoor levels, patterns, distribution, and potential exposure to CPs. This project will produce standardized methods and give insight into the extent of CPs contamination in the indoor environment, which we hope will help to minimize indoor exposure risks to these toxic substances.