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The research aims at studying the interface between the environment and health. The goal is to qualitatively and quantitatively study chemical exposure to humans and the ecosystem, the route of exposure, and any effects on the environment and human health that may be associated with them. The research activity is directed to be of scientific excellence and to be of great public benefit. Research is conducted in analytical environmental chemistry, environmental toxicology, and occupational and environmental medicine and covers the subjects of chemistry, biology and medicine. One of the main cornerstones is the development of analytical methods to assess persistent organic pollutants (POPs) regulated by the Stockholm Convention and related compounds in a large variety of human and environmental samples. Epidemiology, exposure assessment and dose-response analysis is performed on all types of chemicals associated to different areas of illness such as respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer diseases. Toxicological effects on the ecosystem by POPs are addressed with research on avian developmental toxicity and soil remediation.

Research is performed in three work groups:

  • Analytical and environmental chemistry
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Occupational and environmental medicine

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