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Ingemar Elander

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Ingemar Elander

About Ingemar Elander

Ingemar Elander is senior professor in politics at Örebro University and associated to Mälardalen University, Sweden since 2016). His research interests cover urban governance in a broad sense as exemplified in several publications on cities and climate change, environment and democracy, faith-based organisations and politics, urban partnerships and public health. Recent research cover (un)sustainable development and urban renewal in Swedish neighbourhoods and cities, with a special focus on social and political dimensions as documented in several publications co-authored with geographer Eva Gustavsson. Elander (2009-2019). He is co-editor of Urban Governance in Europe (Eckardt & Elander 2009), and co-author of Faith-based Organisations and Social Exclusion in Sweden (Elander & Fridolfsson 2011), the latter an extensive report which has inspired several reviewed articles and book chapters authored with Charlotte Fridolfsson 2012-2021. Recently published articles and work in progress include co-authored manuscripts on securitization and counter-securitization related to politics and religion, Covid-19 and climate change and the development of central-local government relations in Sweden. 

His latest publications are: 

Elander, Ingemar (2022) Urban Renewal, Governance and Sustainable Development: More of the Same or New Paths? Editorial. Sustainability 14 (3), 1528;

Elander, I. , Granberg, M. & Montin, S. (2021). Governance and planning in a ‘perfect storm’: Securitising climate change, migration and Covid-19 in Sweden. Progress in Planning.Information via DOIMore information on external website

Elander, Ingemar (2021) Favorit i ständig repris. Planering i gränslandet mellan representativ och deltagande demokrati [Favourite in never-endig repeat. Planning on the borderline between representative and participatory democrcay] Pp. 73-78 in Nazem Tahvilzadeh (Ed.) Plan: Planering och demokrati [Plan. Planning and Democracy], Föreningen för samhällsplanering.

Fridolfsson, Charlotte & Ingemar Elander (2021): Church of Sweden Opposing the Turn of Swedish Government Migration. Policy, Politics, Religion & Ideology, DOI: 10.1080/21567689.2021.1877671

Fridolfsson, C. & Elander, I. (2021). Between Securitization and Counter-Securitization: Church of Sweden Opposing the Turn of Swedish Government Migration Policy. Politics, Religion & Ideology, 22 (1), 40-63.Information via DOIMore information on external website

Sandström, U. G. & Elander, I. (2021). Biodiversity, road transport and urban planning: A Swedish local authority facing the challenge of establishing a logistics hub adjacent to a Natura 2000 site. Progress in Planning, 148.Information via DOI

Rolf Lidskog, Ingemar Elander & Adam Standring (2020): COVID-19, the Climate, and Transformative Change: Comparing the Social Anatomies of Crises and Their Regulatory Responses. Sustainability 12 (16), 6337;

Eimermann, M. & Elander, I. (2020). Who Works in the North?: Challenges and Opportunities for Employment. I: Linda Lundmark, Dean Bradley Carson, Marco Eimermann, Dipping in to the North: living, working and traveling in sparsely populated areas (ss. 133-150). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Elander, Ingemar. & Eva Gustavsson (2019). From policy community to issue networks: Implementing social sustainability in a Swedish urban development programme. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space 37 (6), 1082-1101.

Fell, Terence, Bozena Guziana & Ingemar Elander (2019) Klass, rumslig segregation och livskvalitet i två svenska städer [Class, spatial segregation and life quality in two Swedish cities] Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift [Journal of Swedish Political Science Association] 121 (1): 65-92.



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