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Political Science


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Erik Hysing

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  • Humanities-Social sciences

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  • Sustainable Development

Political Science at Örebro University has a broad disciplinary basis. The staff (May 2015) consists of four professors, one with internally funded research, five permanent lecturers (four are Associate Professors) and two temporary lecturers, five externally funded postdoctoral researchers, three professor emeritus, eight PhD students (of which six are currently active and three of these are externally financed) and two visiting doctoral students. Political Science gives courses on both undergraduate and graduate level. We give courses in political science (from introductory to one-year master level), the Public Administration and Management program (180 credits), and the Social Science Teacher Education program. We also have had an extensive PhD program, successfully examining 40 dissertations since 1999. As a research environment, political science has been successful in securing external funding, both from external research foundations and national agencies (e.g. RJ, Formas, and the Swedish Energy Agency) and by cooperating with the surrounding society (RnD, evaluations, and government commissions). Political Science has a long tradition of multi-disciplinary cooperation both within and outside Örebro University, currently exemplified by the multi-disciplinary research project YeS (lead by Prof. Erik Amnå) and Public Administration in Change, a research program financed by Örebro municipality and headed by Prof. Jan Olsson. A strong research environment in political science is Democratic Government in Change (DGC). Within this profile, research is primarily conducted within three interrelated themes; political institutions, policy- and planning processes, and civic engagement and political participation. The research profile of the group focuses on the following three themes:

  1. Political institutions
  2. Policy and process planning
  3. Community involvement, civil society and political participation


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