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Jenny Bonnevier

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

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Phone: +46 19 303080

Room: F3157

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About Jenny Bonnevier

Jenny Bonnevier is associate professor in English, specializing in American literature. Her academic fields are feminist theory, in particular material feminisms, more-than-human studies and the critical posthumanities.


Bonnevier primarily teaches in the teacher training programs, especially course modules on subject pedagogy and literary pedagogy, English language literature, and culture.  She also teaches courses on speculative fiction.


Bonnevier's research currently explores speculative fiction that challenge antropocentric world views  through re-imagining the place of humanity and its relations to the more-than-human world. In what ways these stories can help us articulate new understandings of sustainable and just societies - livable worlds? The fiction her reserach enters into conversations with is written by feminist, indigenous and Black diaspora writers and related traditions of thought are central to the analysis. An important focus is the potential and limitation of the concept "transspecies kinship." Together with Berit Åström at Umeå University, Bonnevier also works on the project "Circuits of Care" which explores  ways in which androids and AI-systems enter into kinship relations with humans and perform labor of care in speculative fiction narratives.

Bonnevier's research has previously dealt with reproductive technologies and kinship formations in contemporary American popular culture. Her co-edited anthology Kinship in the Fiction of N.K. Jemisin: Relations of Power and Resistance was published with Lexington Books in 2023. 

She is a member of the Science Fiction Research Association and the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts.

Bonnevier received her PhD in 2005 in English, especially American literature, at Uppsala university, with the dissertation Estranging Cognition: Feminist Science Fiction and the Borders of Reason

Bonnevier is also interested in the field of literary pedagogy, especially the potential of narratives of the future in supporting increased understanding of and will to action to create a more sustainable world.

Since 2010, Bonnevier is on the board of The Swedish Association for American Studies (president of the association 2012-2016 and 2020-2024). She was on the board of the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute in Sweden (ACSIS) 2016-2018. She also serves on the editorial board of the journal American Studies in Scandinavia and has served om the editorial board of Tidskrift för genusvetenskap (Journal of Gender Studies).  


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