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Patrik Winton

The research environment Center for Research in the Humanities (CRH), explores various themes related to cultural understanding and linguistic practices. The interdisciplinary environment includes researchers from the subject areas of English, History, Literary studies, Rhetoric and the Swedish language. Joint by a praxis based on openness to different theories and methods, the different humanistic orientations under the center focus on various issues related to the values of individuals and groups, understanding and interpretations of the world, as well as on interaction and communication within, and across, cultural boundaries. Research emphasis includes the past, present and the future.

More specifically, the research subject History problematizes society's time dimensions and highlights change and continuity in the past. In collaboration with the literary research orientation, historical research at Örebro University has a focus on storytelling and stories and their importance for human meaning-making. Furthermore, within the subject areas of Literary studies and English, research includes literary history, literary theory and literary didactics. At Örebro University, there is particular research expertise within domains such as older and contemporary fiction, cross-genre texts, and in theoretical perspectives such as narratology and cultural studies. The research orientation Rhetoric is grounded in classical theories and methods for the critical analysis of how dialogue in speech and writing, non-verbal communication and visual rhetoric contribute to effective argumentation and knowledge development. Research within this orientation at Örebro University is conducted in the fields of crisis communication with focus on ecological and social sustainability, discourses in health care, health and functionality, as well as communication on social media. Research within the subject orientations Swedish language and English explore numerous aspects of different language communities, both from a historical and a contemporary perspective. At Örebro University, there is special competence in areas such as multimodality, linguistic variation in speech and writing, and literacy; the latter particularly from a teaching and learning perspective. The emphasis on ‘subject didactics’ (i.e. teaching and learning within a subject discipline) is shared by History, Literary studies, the Swedish language and English. In the latter discipline, research is also conducted on teaching and learning and the role of English in the multilingual classroom in the Global South.

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