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Kerstin Prignitz Sluys

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303102

Room: P2345

Kerstin Prignitz Sluys
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About Kerstin Prignitz Sluys

Kerstin Prignitz Sluys is a specialist nurse in intensive care and trauma care who joined Örebro University as a senior lecturer/associate professor in 2019. She received her BNSc from Rush University College of Nursing and postgraduate education in Emergency & Trauma Nursing from Cook County Medical School, Chicago, USA. In Sweden she recieved her postgraduate degree in intensive care specialist nursing from Uppsala University and a doctorate from Karolinska Institutet, with a PhD dissertation in medical sciences entitled Adult and pediatric trauma: outcomes and health-related quality of life.  


Kerstin Prignitz Sluys' research focuses primarily on acute care of pediatric and adult trauma patients and outcome after injury. The research is of interest to patients and their families and its main focus is on health-related quality of life, functional status and how health care is experienced by patients and families. The research includes trauma care systems from prehospital care through acute care, intensive care and rehabilitation. 

Ongoing research is aimed at the development of instruments to investigate patients’ and family’s experiences of participation in care, the providing of information by hospital staff and support in intensive care units. Advancements in intensive care has resulted in improvements in survival rates after severe critical illnesses and injuries. Research has shown that surviving patients suffer and experience various disabilities in cognitive function, mental health and or physical function, known as the Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS). Research has also shown that families can be adversely affected and can develop mental illness, known as the PICS-Family (PICS-F). The main goal of the project is to develop quality indicators that can be included in quality assurance programs in intensive care units to support the health status of patients and families during and after intensive care.

Other research areas of interest are the development of teaching-learning strategies to facilitate clinical assessment and clinical reasoning skills in nursing care.


Kerstin is the course director and has a pedagogical project assignment in Medical science: anatomy and physiology at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, she is the course director for Theory of science and research methodology, an examiner in Health history, physical examination and clinical assessment and is a thesis supervisor for bachelor theses and one and two-year master's theses.


  • Network for nurses with a PhD in intensive care within the National Association for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. 
  • Member of Penn Injury Science Center

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