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Linnea Waldekranz

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Email: bGlubmVhLndhbGRla3Jhbno7b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 303520

Room: F3120

Research subject Research environments

About Linnea Waldekranz

Linnéa is a doctoral student in pedagogy with a focus on the history of education. In her dissertation, she studies the everyday life of preschool children in the postwar era, from a local and practical level.
Linnéa is part of the graduate school in applied educational history (PEDASK) and a member of the research group ReCel (Research on Children's Education and Learning).
In addition to her dissertation, Linnéa teaches in the preschool teacher program and has extensive experience of working as a preschool teacher and a master's degree in preschool didactics.