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Magnus Boström

Title: Professor School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301247

Room: F3279

Magnus Boström

About Magnus Boström

Magnus Boström is Professor of Sociology and is currently vice-dean for research and research education at the Faculty of humanities and social sciences.


Boström conducts research within environmental sociology, sociology of consumption, and political sociology. His research interest includes politics, representation, consumption, action, and transformative learning in relation to various transnational environmental and sustainability issues. 

Boström has published about 100 scientific texts, including books, edited volumes, special issues, peer reviewed articles, and book chapters (see publications in the column below).

Recent projects include research on environmental representation and representatives, challenges connected to climate conscious consumption, conceptual development in the study of environment-society relations, leading a joint multi-authorship ORU-effort by developing a framework to explore conditions for transformative learning for sustainable development, and editing of the Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism.

Boström is currently conducting research on social mechanism behind unsustainable mass and excess consumption. This project is summarized in the article ‘The social life of mass and excess consumption’, and will continue with several more publications. Boström is also currently conducting an interview study on people that, for environmental reasons, voluntarily try to reduce consumption. A recently started project is also “Learning to consume less: Can experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic trigger lifestyle transformation?” (funded by Formas), which is a combined literature study and interview study. Boström also participates in the new Horizon 2020-project ACCTING: Advancing behavioural change through an inclusive green deal.


Sociological theory, environmental sociology, sociology of consumption, economic sociology, theory of science, methodology, research design, qualitative interviewing and other topics at bachelor, masters, and doctorate levels. Supervision of students on bachelor, masters, and doctorate levels.

Popular science communication

Various popular science texts and seminars on overconsumption and reduced consumption. 

Discover society: ‘Ways out from the social life of mass and excess consumption


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