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Magnus Lodefalk

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: Örebro University School of Business


Phone: +46 722 217340

Room: N4004

Magnus Lodefalk
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About Magnus Lodefalk

Magnus Lodefalk is an associate professor and senior lecturer in economics.  Lodefalk is also affiliated to the Ratio research institute and the Global Labor Organization. He has initiated the research lab AI-Econ Lab at Örebro University. He also co-directs the research group EFGI, and the transcontinental research and educational network Trade and Investment in Services Associates (TIISA). Lodefalk's own web page:

Research focus

Firms' foreign trade, trade policy, international networks and firms' internationalisation, migration, servicification of manufacturing, artificial intelligence, offshoring, applied economic analysis, entrepreneurship, labour market

Selected work in progress

  • Artificial intelligence and the labour market (
  • Jobs, foreign trade and foreign direct investment (with Kyvik Nordås and Tang)
  • Migration and offshoring (with Hatzigeorgiou, Karpaty and Kneller)
  • Firms' export-financing (with Tang et al)


  • Corporate Finance, main lecturer, advanced level
  • Scientific Method (parts on applied econometrics using Stata), teaching, basic level
  • Thesis supervision, BSc/MSc level
  • Economic Analysis, teaching, basic level
  • The International Trading System, initiator and main lecturer, advanced level (dormant)


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Short bio

Magnus Lodefalk is an associate professor at Örebro University. He holds a PhD in economics from Örebro University and a BSc in economics from Stockholm University and a BA in political science from Linnaeus University. During his education he has studied at the University of Nottingham, Western University and Exeter University. In 2013, Lodefalk was awarded the prestigious Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelieus three year post-doctoral research grant in economics. Until the end of 2014, Lodefalk was also a senior advisor at the Swedish National Board of Trade.

Lodefalk's current research is focused on structural changes in business - such as the servicification of manufacturing and the entry of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries - and on the drivers, barriers and effects of firm growth and globalisation.

Lodefalk has broad experience of analysis of structural economic change, internationalisation and trade policy, including the WTO. He has also headed capacity building in the area as well as lectured extensively on issues related to international economics. In recent years, he has become increasingly interested in the drivers and barriers to firm growth and internationalisation as well as implications for the labour market.

His works are published in established academic journals and have been drawn upon by international organisations and the Swedish government. Lodefalk has extensive networks both nationally and internationally, primarily in academia, government and international organisations.

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Lodefalk's CV.

Lodefalk's personal web page.


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