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The economics of Entrepreneurship, Family business, Globalization and Institutions (EFGI)

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Dan Johansson

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  • We do research on entrepreneurship, family business, globalisation (cross border flows of goods, services, capital and people) and institutions (“the rules of the game”).
  • We focus on what drives and hinders firm growth, and the effects on employment and economic growth.
  • Our research is societally important and pertinent for decision makers, government agencies, business and civil society.
  • We mostly do empirical research. Often we employ econometric method to analyse large de-identified longitudinal linked employer-employee data. 
  • The research group has a large national and international network, including, for instance, Statistics Sweden, The Swedish International Aid Agency (SIDA), The Swedish National Board of Trade, The Swedish Agency for Growth Analysis, OECD, World Trade Organisation, the World Bank and universities and research institutes.
  • The research group also hosts the AI-Econ Lab for research on the labour market implications of artificial intelligence.

The group is led by Professor Dan Johansson and associate professor Magnus Lodefalk.

The group meets biweekly for brown-bag seminars (Wednesdays 12.15-13.00).


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