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Maria Camacho Doyle

Position: Lecturer School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences


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Room: L2217

Maria Camacho Doyle
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About Maria Camacho Doyle

Maria Camacho Doyle has a PhD in Criminology from Örebro University. She has a master's in psychology with a focus on prevention science as well as a bachelor’s degree in criminology and a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric - communicative leadership. Her research interests center around the criminology of place, community, and environmental criminology, more specifically concerning forecasts and geographical risk factors for crime and fear of crime. As well as how mapping can be used for both crime prevention and creating feelings of safety. The teaching Maria conducts is about scientific methods, crime prevention, feelings of safety and criminological theories. In addition to this, Maria is part of the research team Center for Criminological and Psychosocial Research (CAPS).



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