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Mihaela Mihnea

Title: Researcher School/office: School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science


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Mihaela Mihnea

About Mihaela Mihnea

Mihaela Mihnea is a Researcher at Culinary Arts & Meal Science. She was trained as Food Chemistry Engineer at the University of Dunarea de Jos in Romania, holds a Msc in Food Safety and Biotechnology and received a Phd in Food Biotechnology from University of Burgos, Spain in 2015. Mihaela worked as well as a postdoc at Stellenbosch University in South Africa supporting wine industry through research projects. In 2017 moved to Sweden and worked with industry partners in Research and/or Product Innovation projects . She has also organized Workshops, Seminars and Courses for industry and researchers.

She is also secretary of the European Sensory Network  and active member of the Nordic Sensory Network and Spanish Sensory Association.


Mihaela Mihnea has experience of research in sensory science with focus on relating physico-chemical composition and perception of food. Integrating sensory and consumer science during product development and market placing through multi-diciplinaire projects is her main interest. 

Mihaela has been involved in many national and international multi-diciplinaire projects. The projects involved food for elderly with swallowing disorder, innovative products from new raw materials like algae, textural improvements, develop sensory methods and language for mouthfeel perception, define Swedish taste in products as beer and wines and meat substitutes among others.


Mihaela Mihnea has published articles, book chapters and conference contributions on the field of sensory science, panel expertise, food composition and perception, wine/winemaking chemistry, biotechnology and salt reduction. The publications that Mihnea has published can be found under the tab publications and at .

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Articles in journals

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Conference papers

Gonzáles-Sanjosé, L. , Mihnea, M. , Ortega-Heras, M. & Pérez-Magariño, S. (2013). Efecto de diversas técnicas de Maceración pre-fermentativas sobre los compuestos volátiles mayoritaros de vinos blancos de Albarín. Paper presented at Enoforum, Arezzo, Italia, May 7-9, 2013.