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Culinary Arts & Meal Science


Subject information


Åsa Öström

Areas of research

  • Sustainable Development
  • Food and beverage combinations
  • Food and health
  • Meal ecology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Sensory Science

The subject area of culinary arts and meal science discusses issues within the field of gastronomy with a particular focus on meals from a holistic perspective. It draws on the understanding of the meal through the interaction of aspects such as the room, the meeting, the product, the management control system and the atmosphere. The scientific approach is one informed by social sciences and the humanities, with elements of natural science and integrated with culinary craft and aesthetics. As a subject area, culinary arts and meal science is thus interdisciplinary and in interaction with other subjects, wider and/or more in-depth perspectives of sustainable meals in society are facilitated.

The research and doctoral programme in culinary arts and meal science at Örebro University are multifaceted and undertaken within a range of fields. The meal from social and cultural perspectives examines the various relationships that exist between individuals and food, from production to consumption, of which culinary craft and gastronomic practices are a part. Sustainable working life in the gastronomy sector is another field, where focus is on matters concerning social and economic sustainability. The field of sensory science deals with matters relating to how our senses work as well as the sensory characteristics of products and their significance for experience and behaviour. Providing a basis for our research, these fields contribute a holistic perspective on and knowledge of not only gastronomic competences and skills but also on the role of gastronomy in society

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