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Naimi Johansson

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Naimi Johansson
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About Naimi Johansson

Naimi Johansson, PhD, work as a health economist at the University Health Care Research Center.

With background in economics, Naimi Johansson defended her thesis Price sensitivity and regional variation in health care at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg in 2021. 


Naimi Johansson focuses her research on the effects of health care policy and health economic evaluations. Specifically, her research is about how patient out-of-pocket prices affect demand for health care, why the use of health care differs between Swedish regions, and about the evidence of health improvments and cost-effectivesness behind policy decisions in introducing new pharmaceuticals. The methods used to study this type of policy questions are econometric analyses and large observational datasets (register data). Naimi Johansson is also involved in a research project on diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes and the cost-effectiveness of changed criteria. 


Naimi Johansson teaches primarily micro economics and health economics. 

Leadership experiences and collaborations 

During her third cycle studies, Naimi Johansson has held positions in several councils and committees at the University, such as chair of the PhD student council and PhD student representative in the Faculty Board. She has organized a Swedish network for PhD students in health economics. Naimi Johansson has also been a visiting PhD student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and established a research collaboration. 

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