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Health Economics Network at Örebro University and Region Örebro (HEN-ORURO)

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Daniela Andrén

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Health Economics is the academic discipline and research field that exist at the intersection of economics and health-related issues, focusing on how scarce resources are allocated to assure good health and provide sustainable provision of health care services.

HEN-ORURO (Health Economics Network at Örebro University and Region Örebro) is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from Örebro university and Region Örebro. The aim is to increase knowledge and interest for health economic evaluations and create a platform for discussion, cooperation and exchange of knowledge. The network aims to stimulate the interest for health economic evaluations and evaluations of early preventive interventions using different economic and econometric methods. We aim to promote the use of health economic evaluations as a base for decision making at different levels in the society.

By providing a platform for exchange of ideas for participants from different disciplines with a common interest in health economics and health econometrics we also aim to increase the research collaboration both within and between our organizations and between our organizations and other actors with the same and/or complementary research interests.


The network arranges about two seminars per semester. The location for the seminars alternate between the School of Business at Örebro University and the University Health Care Research Center. The seminars are open and free of charge for anyone with an interest in health economics.

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Courses in health economics at undergraduate and graduate level

Courses in economic evaluation and health economic evaluation

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The network organized the eight edition of the yearly conference of the Swedish Health Economics Association, March 2019.