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Qays Shahed

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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About Qays Shahed

Qays Shahed is a doctoral student in the Medical Science research area. He has finished his Master of Science studies in Medicine from Örebro University, Sweden in December 2011. The thesis topic was  'The relationship between diabetes mellitus and periodontitis in patients with cardiovascular disease'

Qays earned his Bachelor's degree within the medical science field specialized in clinical nutrition and metabolism.  

The research topic is Psychological and physiological factors predicting tolerability and weight loss of intragastric balloon in combination with low energy diet and group treatment in adults with obesity.

In total 110 patients with obesity will be included in the study. Efficacy, safety and health economic aspects of this cohort will be studied in the PhD project of Marije Galavazi, who is already registered at Örebro University.

This study plan focusses on predictive factors for the success of these treatments and is structured in four major areas.

  • To investigate viewpoints and perceptions of the primary health care doctors regarding obesity and to compare if they match with the viewpoints of subjects with obesity, by means of a Q-methodology study.
  • To identify baseline psychological and biological factors predicting IGB tolerability.
  • To identify psychological features that can predict effects of LED + CBT and to examine the dynamic relationships between psychological variables and weight outcomes.
  • To identify psychological and gastrointestinal (GI) symptom features predicting effects of LED + CBT + IGB and to examine the dynamic relationships between psychological variables, GI symptoms and weight outcomes.