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Reidun Stenberg

Position: Affiliated Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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Room: P2330

Reidun Stenberg
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About Reidun Stenberg

Reidun is a Pediatrician and a Pediatric neurologist and share her clinical time between the Pediatric Department at the University Hospital and the rehabilitation center in Örebro. She has since 2000 been a teacher at Örebro University. In 2012 she obtained a PhD with the title of the thesis;” Dietary antibodies and gluten related seromarkers in children and young adults with cerebral palsy”. She has since then, been affiliated as a researcher to Örebro University. Her main research focus is on gastrointestinal disturbances, gut health and underweight in children with disabilities and the complexity of the gut brain axis.

She has developed a national and international network with for example collaboration both in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and the Nordic countries.

Since 2013 she is affiliated as a researcher to Columbia University, New York, USA.



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