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Samuel Lindlöf

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Music, Theatre and Art


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Samuel Lindlöf
Research subject Research environments

About Samuel Lindlöf

The theme/topic for the dissertation is Music Teacher Education and Cultural Diversity. The purpose/aim of the thesis is to investigate if, and in such case how, Music Teacher Education in Sweden prepares, or can be thought of as preparing, the students for working in the culturally diverse school of today. The research connects to questions regarding the relevance of Music Teacher Education of today and wether it prepares music teacher students for the actual work of teaching music in the culturally diverse school of today. The research sheds a light on and problematizes these questions from the perspective of music teacher students. The students interviewed have, within the frames of their ordinary music teacher education, taken part in intercultural and/or international exchanges/exchange courses of different kinds.