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Cultural diversity within Music teacher education in Sweden - wishful thinking or possible future?

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Started in 2013


Ulrik Volgsten

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The research, or the research area, addresses and problematizes (the lack of) cultural diversity - ethnic diversity as well as content diversity - within music teacher education in Sweden. The research therefore connects to questions regarding the relevance of the music teacher education of today and whether it prepares pre-service music teachers for the actual work of being a music teacher in the cultural diverse school of today.


The purpose of the study is to examine and critically investigate music teacher education in Sweden with a focus on cultural diversity

Research questions

1. How has music teacher education in Sweden developed and changed, historically to present time, with regards to content diversity and ethnic cultural diversity?

2. How do pre-service music teachers describe the relevance of their education from the perspective of cultural diversity?

PhD student

Samuel Lindlöf,