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Tanja E. Havstorm

Position: Lecturer School/office: Örebro University School of Business

Email: dGFuamEuaGF2c3Rvcm07b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 301344

Room: N4038

Tanja E. Havstorm

About Tanja E. Havstorm

Main areas:

  • Research - Management in Information Systems, Agile methods in IT, and Project Management
  • Education - Software Development Methods, Requirements engineering, and Qualitative research methods
  • Equality work & Gender Mainstreaming


Havstorm's latest research project is on Cargo Cult behavior in agile systems development. The project focused on the use of agile methods in software development organizations. The research project was funded by The Research School Management and IT.


Havstorm has taught, since 2014, various courses such as systems development, systems modeling, requirement engineering, software development methods (SDMs), and qualitative research methods. She has also supervised several bachelor theses, mainly in systems development methods, change management, and requirements engineering.


Havstorm's history at Örebro University started with a BSc in Information Systems. After that, a Master level 1 in Information Systems with a primary focus on IT Management and software development methods. In 2023, she defended her doctoral thesis, "Cargo Cult in Agile Software Development." Havstorm has practical experience as a tutor, management consultant, and agile coach in the Tech industry. 

Other missions

- Ph.D. Student representative in Informatics between 2016-2020.

- Introduced digital home exam tool WISEflow for the School of Business, 2020.

- Gender Mainstreaming representative in Informatics, 2018-2021.

- Project Manager for the "Project for Equal Opportunity Within Informatics," 2020-2021.

Havstorm was involved in the universities' equality and gender mainstreaming work Jämställdhetskol; she focused on equality issues regarding education, research, and the workgroup in the Informatics department. Havstorm has been involved in this work since the beginning of 2018. This resulted in different network events targeting students and practitioners in the IT industry around Örebro. One such event was hosted at the Univeether with the #addher network during the fall of 2018. Over the years, Havstorm held workshops for the Informatics staff in gender mainstreaming. In the autumn of 2021, she held an open seminar entitled "Gender Equality in the IT Industry and Business" for all informatics students. The seminar was held available in hybrid form.

 Bachelor theses supervised by Tanja E. Havstorm:

  • (2023/2024) : The Role of Requirements Elicitation in Promoting Customer Understanding in Agile Development Projects - link missing (SE)
  • (2023/2024) : Which agile practices in the tech industry promote or inhibit innovation? - link missing (SE)
  • (2023/2024) : An Agile Mindset in a VUCA-world - link missing (ENG)
  • (2021/2022) : Challenges and opportunities with DevOps from the project manager's perspective - A study based on collaborative culture and its effects link to thesis (SE) 
  • (2021/2022) : Agile requirement techniques to increase customer value - A qualitative research utilizing semi-structured interviews - link missing (ENG)
  • (2021/2022) : An alternative design process for small-scale system development projects: A design science study in user-centered design link to thesis (SE)
  • (2019/2020) : What is the impact of rationality resonance on agile method use? link to thesis (SE)
  • (2019/2020) : Digital nudges: which one is preferable in Swedish e-commerce? link to thesis (SE)
  • (2018/2019) : The importance of the leadership role in the Scrum team: A study on the importance of the leadership role and expectations of the Scrum Master as a leader in system development teams link to thesis (SE)
  • (2018/2019) : Changes in agile development teams: How are members affected? link to thesis (SE)
  • (2018/2019) : A case study on the process, challenges and success factors during an agile implementation in large IT organizations link to thesis (SE)
  • (2017/2018) : Agile method adaptation, where are the risks? A case study on where risks arise in agile method adaptation? link to thesis (SE)

Courses teached by Tanja E. Havstorm:

  • IK100G - Informatics, Basic course, 7,5hp
  • IK207G - Software development project with Scrum and extreme programming, intermediate level, 7,5hp
  • IK205G - Requirements engineering, intermediate level, 7,5hp
  • IK206G - Object-oriented analysis and design, intermediate level, 7,5hp
  • IK300G - Informatics, Advanced course, bachelor thesis, intermediate level, 15hp
  • IK300G - Informatics, Advanced course, thematics course, intermediate level, 7,5hp
  • IK436A - Setting Requirements for Information Security, Second Cycle, advanced level 7,5hp
  • IK444A - Qualitative Methods in Information Systems Research, Second Cycle, advanced level, 7,5hp
  • IK442A - Informatics, Thesis, Second Cycle, advanced level, 30hp

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