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Centre for empirical research on information systems (CERIS)


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Annika Andersson

Research domains

  • Humanities-Social sciences

Centre for Empirical Research on Information Systems (CERIS) develops knowledge about information systems' possibilities and limitations when it comes to supporting the way people work in, manage and develop businesses. Information system includes information technology (IT), people and processes. More precisely, it can be expressed as a system in which information is collected, stored, processed and distributed using IT to support communication and activities within or between organizations.

Our research is typically conducted in collaboration with companies or agencies; empirically based research is central for us. We work for example with computer use in primary education, management issues in information security, and market information to farmers in Bangladesh to help them adapt their production and increase their sales revenues.

We apply three perspectives in our research:

  • Use: focus on how people, as part of an information system, use IT to perform activities
  • Management: focus on how people manage businesses with the support of information systems
  • Development: focus on how people develop businesses with the support of information systems

CERIS conducts research in a number of application areas to understand the possibilities and limitations that information systems have in the challenges above:

  • AI/automated decision-making
  • eHealth
  • digitalization of government
  • digitalization of developing countries
  • crisis management
  • information security
  • digitalization of school
  • systems development methods

CERIS conducts research usually in cooperation with other scientific disciplines at Örebro University: Political Science (Electronic Government, Information Security), Business Administration (Information Security), Centre for Teacher Education (ICT and learning), and Medicine and Health (eHealth). CERIS runs a PhD-school namned Technology Mediated Knowledge Processes (TKP), and participates in the PhD-school Public Administration in Development (FOVU).

Completed projects